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Autumn Myers

Brach's Candy Corn, Classic - 40 oz

Brach's Candy Corn, Classic - 40 oz

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Brach's Classic Candy Corn is the original sweet, tri-colored treat. Our classic delivers on the iconic, unique rich texture and real-honey flavor Candy Corn connoisseurs stand by. That's what makes us America's #1 Candy Corn. Celebrate the flavor of fall with this classic candy staple that adds a special touch to any autumn moment. Our classic candy corn delivers on the iconic, unique, rich, and velvety texture and real-honey flavor that makes us America's favorite candy corn for goodie bag stuffers and Halloween candy bags. Nothing represents Halloween and the fall season more than candy corn. Brach's has been making America's favorite fall candy for Halloween treat bags for decades. Our delicious classically crafted confections can be added to your party mix, cookie decorating kit, Halloween bags, and any festive occasion. Share a little, or a lot, and make your memories sweeter. Brach's Classic Candy Corn is a sweet, tri-colored treat that's been a fan-favorite for generations. Each bite is satisfyingly soft, chewy, and best shared with friends and loved ones. Stock your Halloween party mix or decorate your festive desserts with this bulk bag of sweet candy corn.

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