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Autumn Myers

Bruce Bolt Youth Premium Pro Short Cuff Batting Gloves White L

Bruce Bolt Youth Premium Pro Short Cuff Batting Gloves White L

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Each pair of BRUCE BOLT White batting gloves are handmade by skilled craftsmen using only the highest quality 0.9mm Cabretta leather and stitching techniques which makes Bruce Bolt gloves buttery soft but more durable than any other glove on the market. Cabretta leather is the highest quality leather in the world. It offers superior 鈥渇eel鈥?and durability characteristics and it鈥檚 also unbelievably soft! So soft, players can鈥檛 believe how great these gloves feel when they first try them on. Bruce Bolt gloves don鈥檛 get hard and stiff and if they do simply rub leather conditioner or mink oil inside and out and they鈥檒l be as soft as when you bought them. Bruce Bolt gloves are based on their sizing. Increased Wrist Support - 50% more cuff to their short cuff glove and wrist strap and upgraded the lycra. The end result is a conventional batting glove with superior support. Our fingers pinch to follow the conical shape of the human finger and our palm is curved to follow the medial articulation (the curve) of the wrist. Their design not only makes their gloves more comfortable but it also makes BRUCE BOLT gloves more durable because there isn鈥檛 any unnecessary stitching near the major wear points on the glove.

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